Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

What a fantastic day! Even though I have had exams to deal with this Easter weekend, I was still able to make it to church with the family this morning. Today was an incredibly special day in the live of our family. Today, Molly stood in front of our church family and friends, and was baptized. It was absolutely incredible! Not only were the five of us together as a family in church today, but Nana, Papa, Uncle Bob, Aunt Martha, Andy, Uncle Dave, Aunt Sylvia, and Joe were there from our family. As a special treat, Bob and Verna drove all the way to Saint John with their daughter Jenny and their grand-daughters Laura and Emily to share in this special day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I Just Need A Hug

There is something sincerely magical about family. I especially became attune to this on Sunday night, when Mom gave me a hug. It was just a simple hug, one that could have been given to any daughter from any mom, to any one friend to another, or to any girlfriend from any boyfriend. But this hug came from my Mom. And it came at one of those moments when everything just feels like it is falling in, and you can't hold up the world on your own. It was a moment when a hug is more than enough stability to help you through, but there is no other way to gain that. It was one of those hugs that you have to thank the person for, because you needed it so badly, even though you did not realize it at the time. It was a much needed I love you.

It has been 'one of those summers'. When people honestly ask me how my summer has been, I tell them that it has been bitter sweet. And that is the truth. It has been really really good, and really not so good. However, I am really enjoying being home this summer. It was great to be able to be here for Molly's birthday party, and help plan that, as I do not remember the last time I have actually helped at one of her parties. I really appreciate all the time I get to spend with my family as well. Especially this last week. We went to Aunt Laura's cottage to have supper with Grammy and Grampy on Thursday, the buskers on Friday (a serious good time), and then to Moncton on Saturday and Sunday. I always enjoy the time spent with Mom and Dad and Molly (and Amy, although she has not been present for most of this), and I start to enjoy it more and more as I begin to live further and further away. Thank you for the hug.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I thought I would post a few family pictures. Here we go:

Mom and Dad at mom's 50th birthday at Dan and Lisa's last October

Mom, Dad, and Molly

Here is Laura and Molly at Nana and Papa's a few months ago

Papa, Laura, Nana, Mom, and Molly in Nana and Papa's backyard

I believe this was a 'first day of school' picture, no doubt grade four for Molly and grade eleven for Amy. Kenzie looks recently clipped.

Stepping back WAY far in time we have Dad, Mom, and little Laura, in our house in Sackville.

AND finally, baby Laura kissing Mom through the banisters of the stairs in Sackville.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The anniversary/birthday/Laura starting to work week

It's Saturday of the week that I had a paper due for my law class - trying to finish my BA degree after all these years and three stupendous children - so I have a night class for four hours once a week and the preparation time is brutal depending on the class. Also preparing for a 25th anniversary party for my younger sister and her husband. We grumbled about getting ready for it beforehand - but all the family pitched in and helped in a BIG was - it was so amazing - and then when everyone came and it was wonderful and no one wanted to leave - well - it was all worth it needless to say. Then Friday - Dad/Hubbies birthday - not too great a day for him in the sense that with the anniversary and class and work and family stuff earlier in the week(s) we really had a very laid-back Friday - went out to supper together and took Amy to work at Empire theatre and then Laura went home and Greg, Molly and I went to see Madagascar - which is a bit lost in places but also a hoot in others. Today we went to the farmer's market on the Kingston Pennisula for a very late breakfast and wandered around there for a bit, Molly wanted to take a "free" kitten home, but I don't think our dog at home who likes too chase cats would understand the mixed message (!) - took the long way home through Hampton - a beautiful spring day - green and blossoms everywhere. The views through there are lovely. Stopped at Kredles market in Hampton - for an ice cream for Molly and a look through the greenhouses. Love the flowers and growing things this time of year. Saw a five week old rotweiler (yuck) shepherd mix - quite cute now..... So good to have everyone home and together at times. Laura had a good week at work - her first week at her summer job. I hope that this will prove to be a good thing for her as she is "guaranteed" this job throughout university, if she wants it, I think. So great to have times when we all do stuff together. I know that it is not always the way the older two - (university & grade eleven) want to spend their time - but we treasure it.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Secret Agents

This weekend has been a 'family weekend' in all sense of the word.

Molly went to bed on Thursday night, upset because we weren't going camping like "everyone else". But, we managed to make this week focused more on family than we might have if even we had gone camping.

Friday night, Laura, Amy, and Molly planned a Campfire Night which included beans and weiners, hotdogs, smores, banana boats, our own little campfire, and as an added bonus - banana splits, which Molly enjoyed that night. We finished the night off with a game of Life - which Amy killed everyone at because of her hoarding the stocks at the beginning. Ha, it was a good time.

Yesterday Dad took over. The rain prevented an actual picnic, which I believe was his first plan, so instead we had our own in the 'pretty room'. Dad had some interesting questions for us, which really created some sharing opportunities. It is interesting playing a 'get to know you game' within a family, but I think it was well worth it. We then piled into the van for a lovely trip into the city. We checked out the wet and windy Martello Tower, and admired some gorgeous houses within the city. Before dropping Amy off at work, we had a supper break at McDonalds, then back home for bed and Grey's Anatomy.

Today is Mom's ultimate plan. What little we know about it consists of a 'secret santa' type day, without it being Christmas, and without spending a cent. We drew names to determine who we were going to try our hardest to do nice things for today.
This is from what initiated the idea of a family blog, primarily a gift for Dad (and Mom, as both of their 'secret family' had to do in the creation of this), but it is ultimately a gift for the entire family. The point of this blog is to keep a family journal of the times we have, not only together, but apart. A place for reflection on the people who mean most to us, and an oportunity to keep that even when there are some of us who are miles apart.

So, I (unnamed as of yet) am going to reflect on what I love about the name that I pulled from the yellow plastic container - Daddy - Dad has always been such a special person in my life. He has always been there for me from the very beginning. I remember laying in my bed, in Sackville, and having Dad come say our goodnight sequence, which neither of us remember too well anymore, but he could name off more than I could. We used to love it when Dad would tell us stories of when he was a little boy. My favorite was when he broke his collarbone, I think primarily because it had conflict, and action, and we knew he disobeyed his parents too! When we moved to Riverview, I remember not wanting to go to sleep at night, wanting Daddy to come upstairs and we would have one of our long talks - I would tell him everything about what was going on in my life. Dad has always been someone who while still remaining in a parent position, has been understanding, and open to listening to me. I have always appreciated the relationship we always have, and still do hold dear between us. Thank you Dad, for being patient with me, for teaching me to be the person I am today, for listening to me, and for giving me the responsibilities and the priviledges that you always have. I thank you for being the most incredible father in the world!